Nolan Lab


The Nolan lab is focused on developing new tools for quantitative cell and molecular analysis and applying these to important biomedical problems. We use optical methods extensively, particularly fluorescence and light scatter, to make multiparameter and multiplexed measurements of cells and molecules. Our specialty is flow cytometry, and we work on all aspects of technology development including instrumentation, reagents, probes, and assays, and software and computational analysis. Recently, we have been developing automated imaging systems to support application of these approaches to adherent cells and tissues. We apply these new tools to a range of biomedical problems, including analysis of host-pathogen interactions and the immune response, cancer susceptibility, diagnosis, and treatment, and thrombosis and hemostasis.

Our active research projects currently include:

• Cytometry instrumentation and applications development

• Multiplexed and multiparameter single cell analysis

• Nanoparticle engineering and characterization

More details can be found at our external lab web site.


Dr. John P. Nolan - Principal Investigator

Erika Duggan - Research Associate

Danilo Condello - Research Engineer


Ctenophore image photographed by Dr. Nathan Shaner